New editions of four Robert Sims Reid novels

Argo-Navis has recently re-issued the novels BIG SKY BLUES, THE RED CORVETTE, BENEDICTION, and WILD ANIMALS.

Originally published between 1988 and 1995, these novels featuring Leo Banks and Ray Bartell, detectives on the Rozette, Montana, police force, both affirm and subvert the traditions of American crime fiction. They explore the moral ambiguity found on both sides of the law, and examine the complex and contentious relationships cops have with those they investigate, with those they love, and with one another.

Robert Sims Reid's vividly drawn characters and gritty, suspenseful storytelling secure his reputation as a writer's writer and master of the genre.

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"Robert Sims Reid’s expertise both as a writer and as a real life police detective puts him right up there with greats like Chandler and Crumley."

— Neil McMahon, author of LONE CREEK and TWICE DYING

Robert Sims Reid is the author of seven novels. He was also a police officer for twenty-five years. Born and raised on a small farm in Central Illinois, he settled many years ago with his wife and daughter in Missoula, Montana.

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