Alexandra Roeg was an artist, and one night she wanted to create a masterpiece by cutting the heart out of the man who raped her. Proving the case should be easy, she told Detective Leo Banks. Find the video recording made by a second man, and he would have all the proof anyone would need.

Robert Sims Reid’s expertise both as a writer and as a real life police detective puts him right up there with greats like Chandler and Crumley.
— Neil McMahon

For Banks, the attack brought to mind Donna Sanger, an eighteen year girl dead of an overdose five years ago after being lured into the porn trade by a Johnny Perbix, a recording industry mogul turned land developer. Unable to save Donna Sanger, Banks was determined to get justice for Alexandra Roeg—especially when he learned that her ex-husband worked for Perbix, the man who turned out Donna Sanger. No stranger to crime and tragedy, the one thing Banks hadn’t counted on was how much he needed to trust somebody. And worse, the cost of making the wrong choice.

Benediction winds through the back rooms and the sometimes bleak, sometimes trendy streets of Rozette, Montana, where hope and vengeance simmer into a poisonous brew.

© 2013 Robert Sims Reid
All rights reserved.

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